Tommy’s Kep


A long time.

Yes, it HAS been a long time hasn’t it? Life just has this habit of getting in the way. I start off with the greatest of intentions and before I know it, a few days/weeks/months (delete as appropriate) have flown by.

I’m still knitting (always) and am working on a few new projects at the moment but here, in Scone, today is the last day of term. The kids have all gone to school bearing gifts and cards for their teachers.  Our son Hayden finishes Primary School today and he wanted to give his teachers something a bit different to the usual chocolates so I made them all a gift. Three Tammy hats (two were already made by me a few months ago) and two wraps, one of which is for Rosie’s teacher.

Then, just to “mix it up a bit”, I decided that I was going to make a raffle prize for the local community football team fun-day, which took place last weekend. I made a traditional fair isle Fishermans Kep in “Scone Thistle” team colours.

It should keep the recipients head nice and cosy in the Winter months. I’ve actually made a few Keps. I love how they are designed to fit snuggly around the ears so that they don’t blow away in the wind. They must have been great for the  Shetland Fishermen years ago!  I am about to cast on yet another one and also hope to come up with some funky designs of my own very soon!

Then there was “Worldwide Knit in Public Day”. I took Rosie to the local museum where we sat with lots of other ladies. Plenty of knitting and chatting took place!


I’m still playing catch up!!! I want to work on my “Magnolia” swatch. I’m too late for the swatchalong by the fabulous Felix (Felicity Ford) and I’m also too late for the Jamieson & Smith Summer KAL! I have a project to knit for the Perth Show (never mind the earrings that have to be made, the sourdough and the pink lemonade) and have various other projects on the go too!


Malachite Tammy Hat

It’s taken a while but finally… FINALLY! I managed to write out the pattern for my Malachite Tammy Hat. I hope the link works. I’m nursing a stinking cold at the moment and struggling to focus on knitting so banging a few keys on the laptop seems far more agreeable. I wont moan as it’s the first cold I’ve had this year and we’re just into Spring, Hurrah!

The First Post

I suppose this is a bit of an experiment for me.  I have been thinking about writing a blog for a while but my grammar isn’t great, so apologies in advance for any mistakes!

Anybody that knows me will tell you how much I love to knit. I wasn’t one of those amazing people that managed to learn to knit at the age of five and it wasn’t mum that taught me.  I think I was probably about 11 or 12 when I started and it was my next door neighbour that finally made things click (no pun intended).

Here’s an old picture from 1984 I think.  I’m with a few of my classmates and it’s our last day at school.

First Tanktop

You can spot me a mile off with the peroxide blond hair and yes, a hand knitted tank top. It was royal blue and had cables running up the front.  I was extremely, extremely proud of it.

Fast forward 32 years and here are a couple of things that I made in December 2015.

This traditional Scottish Tammy & Mittens were my entry for the Jamieson & Smith Winter Woollies KAL Competition.  The competition was to knit something from pre-selected colours of their beautiful 2ply Jumperweight Shetland Wool.  Everybody had the same colours to work with.  I started three different projects, each one ripped back again as I wasn’t happy with it. Finally I chose a design by Alice Starmore that I was happy with.There were so many beautiful designs submitted and I was astonished to receive a message just before Christmas informing me that I’d won! I use the word astonished as according to the kids, I sat motionless with my mouth wide open for about thirty seconds before I could actually say anything.  I’ve also had some of my work shared recently by the fabulous Felicity Ford in her Knitsonic blog.

I’m always doing a lot of knitting and have started to come up with some of my own designs. I’m planning on writing the pattern for the Tammy hat below very soon… I’ll be sharing it right here, so stay tuned.